The secret to instantly radiant skin

China Doll Facials have taken the world by storm becoming the worlds favourite amongst all celebrities.


Downtime Zero
Pain ●○○○○
Treatment Time 20 minutes



The China Doll Facial also known as (Carbon Facials or Hollywood Facials) is a non-invasive gentle treatment by combining Q switch laser series and IPL technology using energy wavelengths-paired with a medical grade carbon serum, to deeply exfoliate and penetrate the layers of the epidermis. The treatment starts by applying the carbon serum onto the skins surface which is absorbed into the pores. The energy wavelengths absorb the carbon serum which activates and shatters it into smaller particles. The particles are lifted and drawn to the laser hand piece like a magnet with the epidermal layer, dry and dead skin cells leaving you with soft radiant skin. This treatment is great for treating large pores, skin imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles. Designed to enhance skins radiance, stimulating collagen production to deliver a smooth glowing complexion with long-lasting results – excellent as a skin energiser before a special event.

For effective results we recommend a treatment series of six to twelve sessions with a tailored pharmaceutical or cosmeutical grade skincare regime to enhance your results.

Treatment is quick, non-invasive, and there’s no post-treatment downtime — so you can get back to work or your usual daily activities following your session. Some redness may occur, which will usually subside within a few hours and may be covered up with light makeup.



As Carbon Facial treatments ‘peels’ off the outer layer of dead skin cells, your skin is instantly exfoliated and deeply cleaned, resulting in a noticeably more radiant complexion after just one session. This is why Carbon Facials are a popular choice for celebrities and public personalities, as they can achieve an instant luminous glow before a big event when their skin has to look and feel its best. Although you will notice an improvement to your skin after just one treatment, a course of treatments spaced at 1-4 week intervals is recommended for optimum skin corrective results.



  1. Tightens and reduces enlarged pores
  2. Cleans, tones and purifies congested complexions
  3. Treats acne/blackheads and reduces acne scarring
  4. Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  5. Improves skin smoothness and clarity
  6. Reduces appearance of skin discolourations
  7. Exfoliates dead, dry and coarse skin cells
  8. Stimulates new collagen and elastin production
  9. Promotes an instantly brighter, more radiant skin tone
  10. Results get better with each treatment



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Based on 9 reviews
Skin ceuticals retinol 1.0

Has made a big difference to my skin. Started off with 0.3 then 0.5 first. My skin looks and feels smooth and hydrated.

Rich and hydrating

This product feels great and is very nourishing. It’s my ‘go to’ now.

Aspect Dr Deep Clean Cleanser

The only cleanser I will use. Love the Aspect Dr range. High quality products with results.

Dermalogica Age Smart Super Rich Repair

Love this product, especially after a day in the sun fishing or camping.

Gave me an allergic reaction that I’ve never experienced before. CSH has not responded to my email regarding this, I’m highly unimpressed with the lack of response.

Great product

Happy with this moisturiser & will definitely purchase again.

Calming and great for skin texture

I have been using this for a few months now and my skin is much clearer and has a much nicer texture than it used to. My skin is often sensitive and this is very soothing and calming.

Since I have been using it the change in my skin is noticeable. My skin looks luminous and healthier

Lovely and lasts ages

Second time I've bought this -great for rosacea